HERS Testing/Rating
GreenPoint Rated

The founder of Aurora Building Performance(ABP). He is a devotee to fine building and is interested in finding that line where we at least approach sustainability while building quality living spaces. Having grown up in a home designed by a Taliesin trained architect, in Colorado Springs, perhaps sowed the awareness of aesthetics in architecture. A strong sense of concern for environmental preservation motivates an interest in developing building techniques that simultaneously achieve visual beauty, high performance, and economic use of resources and money.
Graduated from Sonoma State University in 1990 with a degree in Environmental Studies. This highly regarded program emphasized energy management and design, and was a fine launching pad to get into the energy consulting field. He worked for ten years at Energy Calc Co consulting on the California Energy code, know as Title 24. Worked about six years with a wind resource consultancy doing data analysis for wind energy companies. Then the time came to get back into buildings. Interest in energy conservation led him to the Home Energy Rating System HERS which is program of tests and verifications that assure that the best installation techniques are being followed. After all "green building" is mostly about best building practices.

Other major accomplishments on the creative side are as a musician and a woodworker. Jon has played the pedal steel guitar professionally for many years. He also plays several other instruments and writes songs. As a wood worker he has done it all from the design to the wood pile to the saw to the last coat of oil.