HERS Testing/Rating
GreenPoint Rated

Right off the bat we should substitute the word "green" with "quality", because that is much of what green building is. Although it is obvious that energy conservation and the use of renewable energy technologies are green, there are other very important aspects to include. We want our buildings to integrate into the wider site and community. Plumbing and landscaping should use water intelligently. We want good indoor air quality and well designed mechanical systems that provide comfort, not just a hot/cold wind. We want efficient use of resources in buildings minimizing pressure on raw materials and minimizing waste to be hauled off. Lets face it, land fills are getting filled and often materials going to the dump represent excess stuff someone paid for. Green building techniques also encourage durability and ease of maintenance.The list could go on but you can count on Aurora BP to help you through the documentation process of your fine building.  

You are encouraged to review the Build it Green website to learn more about it. We will go over your plans and talk with you to develop a checklist with measures that are actually possible and point out opportunities. The title 24 report is an important starting point for New Homes as it establishes that you have the minimum required compliance margin of 10%. The higher this margin the better as it gains points that will not have to be found in other ways, that is of course assuming you are only taking credit for intended features of the home.

While the project is under way it is important that the General Contractor keep us in the loop to do site verifications at the appropriate times, like before sheet rock. They also should be aware of the documentation that will need to be provided for various measures. Typically we need to provide you with a verified checklist at the end before you can get a final inspection.

Preliminary documentation I will need:
Fill out info sheet
Title 24 , digital copy of the CF-1R or PERF 1, showing minimum 15% above compliance
Debris Recovery Plan A sample
I will schedule with the builder to make timely site visits to to verify that the agreed upon measures are in place, I will present the completed Data Collection form to Build It Green (BIG). BIG will then issue a Certificate stating your GreenPoint Rated Status